Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Joys of Womanhood

You know what I'll never understand? Why there's never a line for the men's bathroom, yet the line for the women's bathroom is always out the door. Is it because men simply have to unzip their fly? I'm a woman, and whether I'm pulling down my pants or lifting up my skirt, I know it's not a three hour process - 7 seconds, tops. What the hell?! This isn't the Victorian era where women have to loosen their corsets and fish through the fifty layers of their bustle skirts to get to their panties. This is modern day New York City, where women wear mini skirts even when there's a snowstorm and it's 20 degrees outside. If you can think of why the men are in and out of the bathroom in two minutes while I'm stuck tapping my foot on line for twenty minutes, please let me know!
Here's a picture of what 1/4 of the women's line at Border's looked like today. Honestly now!

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AudreyAllure said...

well women are all about how we look. they're just making sure there's no frozen snot on their faces! haha