Monday, January 18, 2010

My Yoga Experience

Today I went to my first yoga class ever (!) with my friend Regina. What an experience! It's a donation-based studio located in a New York City apartment building, with 2 floors devoted only to yoga. The studio Regina and I were in was completely crowded and our instructor looked like he should've been working at Hollister. I didn't get too many vibes off of him, except for the fact that he was standing right behind me staring at my ass when I was doing the Downward Dog position. (He tripped on someone's mat later in the class, which we all laughed at.)
Some of the people there were definitely interesting. The girl next to me had a mop of curly black hair under her armpits, the girl in front of my kept farting loudly (and shamelessly) everytime she bent down to touch her toes, and a girl in the front of the studio was constantly making these loud, overdramatic "AHHHHHHHHHHHH" sounds like she was so relaxed she could fall asleep while we were doing the most complicated and strenuous positions. Honestly now?!
By the end of the class, I was boiling freakin' hot and wished we were given the option to just do it in our underwear. But I really enjoyed myself and am looking forward to going again. I wonder what my next experience will be like!

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